Private Parties - General Information and Policies:


Billing arrangements for all events must be made at the end of the event. We accept cash or personal checks only. We are sorry we are unable to accept credit cards at this time. You will be responsible for any fees incurred on a bad check.


The coordinator must be notified of the exact number of guests for which you wish to guarantee plates for no later than 1 week prior to the event. 12 North will prepare for 10 % over that number. The minimum amount to have an event is 50 people. The guaranteed number is what is expected to be paid, regardless if less show up. If more show up than the guaranteed number, you will be charged for that extra number. The plate count will be determined by number of plates used or tickets surrendered at meal service.


All applicable state taxes will be paid by the client. If your organization is tax exempt, 12 North must receive a tax exempt form prior to the event.


If the client cancels the event, the deposit will not be refunded.

Leftover Food:

Most of our menu items are sold on a per guest basis and portion sizes are predetermined the best to our ability. Sometimes we do need to make additions/adjustments to our amounts of food prepared and any extra amounts we do not give out at the end of the event. Only foods that were taken on a plate and counted are given to guests to consume onsite.

Alcohol Consumption:

Only alcohol that has been purchased through 12 North Sports Bar may be consumed on the property by persons over 21 years old. No alcohol is permitted in the parking lot of the premises. No bottles used for raffles may be opened and/or consumed on 12 North property.

12N Softball League Rules and Policies 2012


Team Entry Fee: $575.00 Payable before the first game:
Checks payable to: 12 North Sports Bar
Fees must be paid prior to first game or you will forfeit games until paid in full

1. Any player that brings in their own alcoholic beverages onto 12 North property (including the parking lot) will be ejected from the league.
2. No pets are allowed on 12 North property
3. No coolers, no food, no beverages of any kind are allowed to be brought on the premises.
4. $50.00 per team will go to a pool to be paid out, per night and for the finals. $200.00 for winner of each night (regular season) $625.00 for playoff winner, $375.00 for 2nd , $250.00 for third.

1. A player must be 21 years of age
2. A completed player eligibility list (roster) must be submitted by each team prior to the start of the season. A maximum of 20 players.
3. Roster must be completed and handed in prior to the start of season. Additional changes can be made no later than week 7 . All games will be forfeited until roster is completed and turned in. Rosters will be scanned and posted on the 12 North website after week 7.
4. Any team permitting a player to participate under an assumed name or address, or using an ineligible player must forfeit all games in which said player participated in. Both player and team are liable for suspension. Failure to submit complete names and addresses will be interpreted as violating this rule!
5. If a player is ejected from a game, he will be ineligible to play his teams’ next game.
6. Any player who physically assaults a member of the opposing team or an umpire shall be expelled from the league for a minimum of 1 year from the time of the incident.
7. Any player who verbally assaults any member of the opposing team or umpire maybe suspended from the league upon review. Any player who uses unsportsmanlike tactics (particularly contact) will be liable to expulsion from the game, and if guilty a second time will be given a mandatory 2 game suspension.
8. A player must be on the active roster in order to be eligible for the playoffs.
9. No player shall be allowed to play on more than one team per night.

1. All teams will be allowed a grace period of fifteen minutes from game time. If the team does not have 9 or more players at this point, that team will have to forfeit. Game must start if the team has 9 players.
2. Games will only be called if there are extreme weather conditions in the area. Please call 732-9039 after 430pm.
3. Playing with 9 players: If you start the game with 9 players the tenth player must enter the game as soon as he arrives. Games that start with 10 players can continue with 9, only if a player was injured. All games must finish with the same number of players it started with (except in the case of an injury) or the game is forfeited. A team cannot play with 8 players under any circumstance.
4. Before starting a game, each team must put an official line-up in the scorebook and make any changes during the game. The umpire will sign the scorebook and return it to the field representative at the conclusion of the game.
5. The team last mentioned on the schedule will be the home team for the first game
6. The home team will be responsible for providing a scorekeeper for that game
7. Five full innings (4 ½ innings if home team is ahead) shall constitute an official game in the regular season.
8. Any game called before it becomes official or any game tied that is called after five innings must be played in its entirety
9. A team deliberately forfeiting any 2 nights will lose its rights as a member of the league. All of its scheduled games will be counted as forfeits. NO REFUNDS
10.. Teams may use the DH and EH See rule 12
11 . EXTRA HITTER: The EH is an eleventh player batting anywhere in the batting order. The EH is NOT to be used as the DH. The EH can be inserted into the lineup if there is an injury but the injured. player cannot be inserted back in the game. The EH cannot replace an ejected player.
12. There is a no re-entry rule
13. Pitching: Arc is now 6’-12’ ASA Rule
14. Courtesy Runner: One Player only can be run for each game. Player must be designated before or during the game. Runner must be player who will be the last person to bat in the order.
15. One foul after two strikes, second foul you are out
16. Catchers Mask is optional
17. Mercy Rule:15 runs after 5 innings
18. Play at your own risk. Injuries must be reported inside 12 north and documented on an injury report form.
19. Make up games will be scheduled at notice Equipment/Uniforms

1. No metal spikes
2. If you wear a hat it must be a baseball hat and worn with the brim in front
3. No tank tops or jeans
4. No jewelry will be worn. This includes ropes and any other articles the umpires might deem dangerous.
5. Bats Aluminum Only. Aluminum Barrel and composite handles are allowed. No Mizuno Bats. Steel is allowed, No Titanium, No Stamps from ASA needed

1. Appeals and disputes involving official rulings must be made to the umpire on the field at the time of the occurrence. If the game continues to be played under protest, a written protest must be submitted and filed with 12 North Sports Bar within 1 business day of the game in question. A $ 25.00 fee must be accompanied by the protest.
2. Protests on the eligibility of a player must be made in writing. A $25.00 fee must accompany this protest. This protest must be made within 1 hour of the finish of the game. *The protest fee is refunded if the protest is sustained. Fee is kept if protest is rejected.*

1. Any player with blood on his person or clothing must leave game until bleeding stops and clothing is changed or cleaned.
2. Any extra player can substitute for injured player
3. Injured player can re-enter game after rule 1 is met.
4. Substitute may re-enter game. If there is no substitute the team must play with 9 players. **If team is playing with 9 players at the time of injury the game will be stopped no longer then 15 minutes then game will be forfeited***

**All playoff rules will be the same as regular season unless modified below**

1. Tiebreaker for seeding purposes
2. Team Tie. Head to Head runs scored, if still tied, Total runs scored for the night; if still tied, Playoff Game Scores on website are official; if you don’t question them when posted don’t ask for a correction at the end of the year.
3. Teams Tied or more Head to Head record, if still tied ( if 1 team has a better record they get 1st place the other teams move on for the next seed see example below) Head to Head runs scored; if still tied ;Total Runs scored for the night.

Playoff Game
Scores on website are official; if you don’t question them when posted don’t ask for a correction at the end of the year.
Example for three way tie: Migas, Anthony’s and Dick Smiths are all tied at 17-3. Migas beat Anthony’s twice and split with Dick Smiths. Dick Smiths and Anthony’s also split. Migas Gets 1st place. Then Anthony’s and Dick Smiths would go to a 2 team tie breaker to see who gets 2nd place. If more then 3 teams are tied you continue to use the three team tiebreaker until you can use the two team rule.

Mercy Rule
1. First round : 15 after 5 innings.
After first round there is no mercy rule.
Semi-Finals and Finals of the playoffs must be 7 complete innings. If the game is called it will resume from the point of stoppage.
All playoff games will be 3- PITCH. Each at bat begins with 2 Balls and 1 Strike.
Due to several complaints last year, 12 North Playoffs will no longer “work around” the city playoffs. Please set your 20 man roster accordingly.

Top 6 teams from each night will make post season play!!!!!


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